The world's premier platform For Regenerative Medicine In Animal Health

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Delivering the future of veterinary medicine

Gallant is at the forefront of science, working every day to advance the field of stem cell therapy to transform the field of veterinary medicine – making every (pet) year count. Human regenerative medicine is growing exponentially with more than 1000 clinical trials worldwide that are delivering transformative therapies to people. Yet animal health remains far behind human cell therapies despite the field starting more than 15 years ago. Gallant is closing this innovation gap by fast-tracking the most impactful products in regenerative medicine to transform animal health.

Gallant's current platform has generated a pipeline of allogeneic products for four indications:

1.Feline chronic kidney diesease 2.Feline chronic gingivostomatitis 3.Canine atopic dermatitis 4.Canine osteoarthritis.

Gallant has five investigational new animal drug applications (INADs), and participates in the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Veterinary Innovation Program (VIP) that helps to “fast track” innovative therapies in development.

In addition to traditional cell therapy platform, Gallant also has early stage cell therapy platform of “primed” cells that are programmed to drive them toward specific effectiveness outcomes such as immunomodulation, as an example. These exciting second generation cellular therapies are a mainstay of Gallant’s platform.

$119 billion
Pet industry expenditure in 2019
60% increase
in veterinary care expenditure in 1998-2018
94 million
cats owned in the US
90 million
dogs owned in the US

Stem cells produced by Gallant


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are derived from adult tissues, not embryos. MSCs can become bone, cartilage, muscle, adipose (fat) cells, among others. Gallant's cell therapy platform utilizes MSCs derived from the uterus.

Stem Cell Therapies- the future of medicine now in Development