Clinical Trials


Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis (FCGS)

Feline chronic gingivostomatitis is a debilitating inflammatory condition of the mouth that occurs in up to 10% of all cats. Cats many times must be euthanized due to the painful condition. Seventy percent of cats respond to full or partial mouth extraction. However 30% do not respond and are left with no option. Work inititated by Dr. Boaz Arzi at UC Davis (Arzi et al, 2016; Arzi et al 2017) demonstrated that IV cell therapy treatment can dramatically help most of those cats that are refractory to full mouth extraction. Building on that initial work, Gallant is conducting a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of GP-004 in cats with refractory chronic gingival stomatitis.

Currently enrolling patients in the following area: Leesburg - VA, Loveland - CO, Mill Valley - CA, Nashville - TN, Overland Park - KS, Rancho Cordova - CA, Rochester - MI.


Feline Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Feline chronic kidney disease is the number one killer of cats with no direct interventional therapies on the market. Gallant’s cellular therapy is delivered intravenously (IV) has shown promise in a feline model of CKD. Stay tuned for Gallant sponsored studies in the future.

Enrollment closed.

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Canine Osteoarthritis (OA)

More than 20% of all dogs, especially older dogs, get OA, which can result in pain and inflammation of one or more joints. Gallant’s cell therapy has demonstrated effectiveness and safety in a placebo-controlled clinical trial of cells administered into the joints of dogs. Gallant is now beginning a study to evaluate the effectiveness of GP-003 administered intravenously to dogs with OA. IV administration is the easier and preferred method of administration for cell therapies that do not require a specialist to perform difficult joint injections.


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Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD)

Canine atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin condition that affects more than 13M dogs. Current therapies are either daily or monthly administration. Gallant’s cell therapy is designed to have a longer duration of action. Early pilot data in a placebo-controlled clinical trial suggest dogs may get a year or more of relief from a one time therapy delivered IV. Gallant is currently performing a clinical trial to evaluate additional attributes of GP-002 delivered to client owned dogs with CAD.


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