We are advancing a pipeline of off-the-shelf therapies to bring the benefits of stem cell therapy to pets and their parents, with the potential to treat a broad range of diseases that currently have no disease-modifying solutions.

Gallant Allogeneic Product Pipeline


Lead program in feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS)

FCGS is a debilitating dental disease affecting about 2 million domestic cats, resulting in painful mucosal lesions. The only treatment option for these cats is long-term immunosuppressive therapy and full-mouth teeth extraction. About 30% of these cats do not respond to therapy (are refractory) and are euthanized due to a lack of treatment options.

Gallant Therapeutics’ investigational stem cell therapy is the only therapeutic option shown to be effective for refractory FCGS, helping to heal painful lesions, increasing their quality of life, and saving cat lives.

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Positioned for long-term leadership in regenerative medicine

Gallant Therapeutics continues to develop novel technology to position us as the undisputed leader in veterinary regenerative medicine.

Our Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions have extensive technical expertise with a dedicated, highly skilled team to bring a first-in-class pipeline of regenerative medicine therapies for animal health.

Our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant manufacturing facility is equipped to support our pipeline development and early commercialization