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Advances in human regenerative medicine have delivered transformative therapies to people. Yet, parents of cats and dogs still have no therapeutic options available that address the root causes of their diseases, limiting pets’ abilities to thrive and their longevity.

Gallant Therapeutics is setting a new standard in animal health, blazing a path to bring off-the-shelf stem cell therapies to pets suffering from debilitating diseases.

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Stem cells are promising therapies, with thousands of studies demonstrating their safety and efficacy across several diseases in animals and humans, including Gallant’s studies. Gallant Therapeutics isolates and grows mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the uterus – tissue normally discarded during spaying-from FDA-qualified donors. MSCs help normalize aberrant immune responses by engaging with several subsets of immune cells (T-cells, B-cells, NK cells and dendritic cells), either through direct contact or through secretion of immunomodulatory factors.

Once administered intravenously, stem cell therapies are biodistributed to sites of inflammation in the body. They target the underlying disease processes without causing peripheral organ damage, using natural biological mechanisms to restore the body to its disease-free state.

Our uterine-derived platform has the ability to generate more than 30M doses from one 3.5g uterus, providing ample stem cells to support the development and commercialization of our potential therapies.